Conduct scientific, technical and economic research to enhance production, productivity and quality of Indian Silk.

Development of package of practices for Host Plant, Silkworm Rearing, Post Cocoon Technology and its dissemination

Commercialization of products & technologies and industry interface.

Efforts to reduce input cost & drudgery and by-product utilization to increase net income and productivity.

Enhance production of international grade silk for import substitution and earning foreign exchange.

Human Resource Development.

Maintenance of Breeders Stock.

Disease & Pest Monitoring and Forecasting & Forewarning.

Dissemination of knowledge, R&D innovations and package of practices through ICT tools.

Undertake collaborative Research Programmes/Projects with reputed National and International R&D Institutions.

Strengthening Institutional framework to support ongoing research, allied activities, scientific and technical activities.

Inter Institutional collaboration for better synergy.

Studies on techno-economic feasibility of sericulture technologies.

Providing technical and consultancy services.